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Ignatz & BobR,

Typically, you can just download the "Podcast" MP3 file and listen to it however you desire. The whole point of the Ipodder-type apps is that using RSS, Podcasters can attach a file (PodCast MP3) to a newsfeed. For Podcast listeners, the desktop program will automatically monitor, or at scheduled intervals, download and import the Podcast into your iTunes folder, making the whole process an automated content delivery model.

Some lists of PodCasts:

I'm most interested in Podcasts that are the spoken word version/weekly summary of popular blogs and tech-sites. I don't know about you, but it's getting hard to keep up and check all of my favorite blogs and sites on a regular basis. If I did, I'd be browsing most of the day . Can't web browse your favorite sites while driving? Enter Podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to maximize my commute. Because listening to spoken content is passive, I can listen while commuting, walking, exercising etc. Like content, I'm finding Podcasts to be a great way to listen to content that I'm interested in, not just news but insight, personal opinions, editorials and analysis. E-books and other digital content like iSilo clips are great, but text-based content has its limitations because it is not passive like the spoken word. To me, audibooks, Podcasts, e-books and web clips all complement eachother nicely.

After reading this article about Podcasts, I think David Coursey of eWeek is really missing the point, and I'm quite shocked that he can only foresee commercial applications of Podcasting:

At one level, this is blogging for people with even larger egos, folks who think they need to be heard as well as read. On another level, RSS feeds are a good way for commercial audio producers to make their programming widely available via automated downloads for offline listening.
I really don't agree with his "ego" remark: I'm sure that could occur to some extent, he is definitely missing the big picture about freedom (from the FCC among others) and choice for listeners.


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