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reading about reading ;->
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I just have to vent...

I sent my reader in for repairs last wednesday (cracked screen) Sony sent me a box and a return FedEx label...i slapped that label on the sony box after gettin my reader nice in cozy in their box and scheduled the pick up...I was able to track the box on the Fedex website which show it had been delivered to California on Friday. I called Sony today to check and see if my reader would be returning home soon...they had no idea what the hell i was talking work record that i had NOTHIN!! At this point a few grey hairs sprouted but i didnt sweat it too bad cause i probably just had an idiot on the phone with me. When I had explained that i had sent in my reader for repair through Fed Ex to California the sony customer rep said that they didnt deal with Fedex...UPS only... and that readers were not sent to California they were sent to Laredo a few more(lots of em) grey hairs sprouted... in the end(after i cried in my works bathroom stall for 5 mins) it took me lookin up the address that was on the Fed Ex billing label(that sony sent me) and calling California myself to find out that my reader is in for diag and that it will be returned to me shortly...So sony DOES deal with FedEx and they DO send ereaders to Cali for repairs........and just so you know that was after asking three times for someones supervisor!! thanks for nothin sony support!!!!!!!!!
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