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hadrien said:
> I don't really see the point of downloading the whole site...

oh. i thought you had expressed the wish to make downloading easier.
i got the impression that the fbreader people are working on it for you.
wasn't that one of the points of releasing your a.p.i.?

> Here's a few things I need to say about this:
> - depending on how your software is coded, it could be
> considered as hammering and get the IP address banned:

well, obviously, if you're going to _ban_ someone for using it,
then you don't want me to release the program. just say so...

> send me your code, I'll check the software behavior

i can program the "behavior" to be whatever you want it to be.
so just tell me what you want it to be. that's why i asked you.

> - custom PDF are generated on the fly

i specifically said this would only apply to canned formats...

> - a program that would download every book for an author
> or a list would make much more sense than strictly
> downloading the whole website

well, that might or might not be a future route for the program,
but in terms of "facilitating downloads", fewer clicks are better.

and if an end-user steps through every author, it's the same thing.

(and i won't do the work of making the program _less_useful_ --
by requiring more work from users to do the exact same thing --
until i find out if there's even any demand for it in the first place.)

> - our e-book generation system is frequently updated and improved

if end-users think they need the updated improved versions,
they'd just delete their local files and run the program again.
(the app checks for a local copy before it downloads a book,
so the person can re-run the program later to get new books.)


again, i don't have to release this program. i'm doing it _for_you_,
because you expressed desires to make downloading "more ipodish".

i had the skeleton of the program written already, for p.g. e-texts,
so i modified it... but if you'd rather have people come to your site
and download the files manually, that's perfectly acceptable to me...

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