Thread: PRS-600 on the fence - suggestions?
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on the fence - suggestions?

Boy, purchasing an ereader is harder than buying a car.

Im leaning towards the Sony 600 because Im an avid public library user, and both sony and nook have capabilities to download library books. Ipads and Kindles dont have this ability. Why pay for a book if you can get it free?

I want to be able to read outside, in bright or direct sunlight. User opinion: does the 600 actually allow this? I know from my previous experiences in using an LCD screen on a motorcycle (GPS) that its almost impossible to read in those conditions. Kindle 3 makes a big deal out of their ability to read their unit in direct sunlight.

I really dont need wifi capabilities, Im absolutely OK with connecting any ereader to my PC to sync a book to it. Actually, I have a smart phone (Sprint Evo) and I barely use it for anything except as a phone or calendar tool. Very seldom do I even connect using a browser. I would probably not subscribe to any news magazine or news paper/service because of the cost, especially since I still get a daily newspaper at home and TV news is available on news channels and radio all day; CNN and the major networks have free web pages too.

I just saw in the forum that there is something called a Kobo e reader. Seems pretty basic, and it might fit the bill too, but only place Ive found to buy it is on ebay, and thats not a good sign to me. Is this product a viable player as a tool to meet my needs?

Now Im reading in the forum that Sony is coming out with a new model later this year, a 650. Knowing my intent and user needs, should I wait till October, or jump in now? It really would be nice to have one by mid October, but I can wait if its absolutely necessary and beneficial for me to do so (i.e. features, capabilities, etc).

Opinions please?

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