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I'll have to bounce your second question about ADE to someone else, as I'm not really well-schooled on that matter, but I can answer your first. A few months after receiving my nook, I began to notice cracks on the right page turn button. This was due to an issue with the first batch of nooks (or so I was told). B&N sent me a new nook with the improved design at no charge; I sent them my broken nook as soon as I received my new one. This whole process took two days. Since I received my new nook, I haven't had any problems with it, hardware or otherwise
That's somewhat relieving, I assume and hope that I will get second (or the next after that) batch.

The nook does not display the same issues with formatting as those Sony devices. I have changed justification, indents, line spacing and many other CSS details and the device has displayed them all just fine. The only thing it doesn't do is auto-hyphenate when displaying full justification. I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse considering how bad of a job some epub display engines do of it! Full-justified text looks fine in most cases unless your fonts are set really huge and there are a ton of long words in the text.
Ahh, I see that you use stanza on iphone too . I know that Stanza's hyphenation is kind of flawed. But nevertheless it's essential for me when reading on iPhone or iPod Touch's small screen. Maybe with larger screen it won't be such a big issue.
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