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Thanks Shaggy!

I understood. However, looking from a user viewpoint, as I said It's not important, but like something aesthetic. It'd be cool, like a chooseable option, which if you want, you can turn on/off. Why? Becouse if I read a real book, I always start reading with the sight of the cover. If I must pause reading, I close the book, again, I see the cover. After hours, days when I continue reading, the first thing I see is the book's cover, reminding me, gives me a feeling like a "gate" to an other world. It could be a higher reading experience on the DR800. Yeah, I know that'd be an emotional plus, and not a practical operating need. I think that function on other readers is based on the concept of imitating a real book and reading experience (like what the e-ink technology does with their display type).

Sorry for my english, if its hard to read....
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