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Any Podcasters out there?

As an iPod owner and Basic Listener, I find the spoken word to be one of the best ways to make my commute productive and entertaining at the same time. Besides audiobook content, PodCasting is gaining popularity. Technology enthusiasts and bloggers around the web are making their content available in spoken form, and they're using RSS to syndicate it. There are several desktop apps like iPodder to automatically grab your favorite Podcasts.

As Engadget's Phillip Torrone, quoting Doc Searls points out:

Doc Searls may have said it best: “PODcasting will shift much of our time away from an old medium where we wait for what we might want to hear to a new medium where we choose what we want to hear, when we want to hear it, and how we want to give everybody else the option to listen to it as well.”
Mike Rohde of Rohdesign fame has an interesting blurb about Podcasting in his blog. I'd recommend checking out Mike's article and Doc Searls's DIY Radio with Podcasting, even if you're not an iPod owner, as most Podcasts are distributed in MP3 format.

Engadget has their own weekly Podcast and has put together a Podcast How-to Guide.

Happy Podcasting,


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