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Decided to buy Nook, but some question first..

After some time researching about ebook reader, I've decided I'll go with the Nook. But I still have a couple of questions first:

1. Is Nook reliable, hardware-wise? I mean, I'll buy Nook from Indonesia, and since B & N doesn't officially ship here, I guess there is no some kind of customer service. So, is there any of you have experience about Nook's hardware reliability? Do you ever broke it and must be returned, etc? I'll have to take a chance here and just hope that if I buy the Nook it will be in good condition and not defect production.

2. What about Nook capability to render epub itself? Does it have modern ADE version? I'm not really knowledgable about the difference in ADE version, but I just read this thread that mention Sony reader has ancient ADE version which make it only display epub left-justified. Does the Nook does it also? Because I like to play a bit with ebook's css and I have some preference when I'm reading (like fully justified with slight text indent)

That's all my question, thanks in advance..
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