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Originally Posted by catharsis View Post
well, if you don't use the pen, there's a "Close document" shortcut in the menu (right below "Add bookmark" and on top of "Writing").
Am I that blind that I didn't see that or is it only in the full version? The README in the "lite" version does say one can't close a tab. I'm using the full version now because I didn't see that available in the "lite" version.

I was trying to say that it would be nice to have such a option in the "lite" version. That way it wouldn't be necessary to use that proprietary file from the DR1000 to get the "multi document" function (open and close).

By searching the posting I see that many people have modified the popupmenu over the last few months to reflect their wants and needs. So, I was thinking that it might be possible to add the close function to the menu in the "lite" ver of DR800+. This would make it easy for most DR800 users to enjoy the "lite" features.
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