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Question Jammed 5 way controller, always up


Bought a Kindle2 US edition in May 2009. Today my girlfriend tells me that, miraculously, it has a problem! The 5 way controller appears to be jammed in the up position. When I turn on the device, the dictionary lookup is scrolling continuously upwards. Pointing the 5 way controller down doesn't have any effect.

The 5 way controller did break into two halves a week or two ago. I used a little dot of superglue and stuck the two halves back together. The glue has been well dried and I've had no problems. I'm not sure if the two issues are connected, I suppose they probably are.

I'm considering opening the device to see if I can fix it physically. I've read about opening the Kindle, it doesn't look too complicated, but it also doesn't look too simple.

To further complicate matters, I'm in Costa Rica, no plans to be back in the US in the immediate future. Just mailing the device back to the US to get it fixed and then back here would probably cost more than a new $140 wifi kindle.

Has anyone seen this problem discussed before? Any advice?
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