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I had tried to photograph a section of a 100 year old library book - in the basement of the library. It was a non-circulating book. Unfortunately, the many of the photos were too blurry to be of use on the iLiad. The camera was a 7 megapixel Canon that has a close-up mode. I had used it in the past to take some great shots of very small (2 mm) items, and, of course, it takes great shots of normal, people-sized items. The job could be done with just the camera held in the hand, but a mount is definitely needed to do it in a reasonable length of time. Some of the pages were decent, but others were difficult to read. A few were out right illegible. The difficult and illegible pages could have been re-shot but it would have taken a too long. I gave in and just photocopied the part I needed.
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