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Export from Indesign = strange characters

I've exported from InDesign to an HTML file (see below for an example). But rather than HTML codes (like &amp I'm getting what I *believe* to be some weird postscripting code (just based on a Google search).

It does *appear* to display correctly in the finished product -- but again, I'm always worried that somewhere, some reader will cough on it producing garbage.

The problem with search and replace in the source Indesign document to something more conventional, is that I have to go with straight quotes (blah).

Any idea why this is happening?

<p class="body-indent-">I don’t eat much and I go up to my room early to Facebook. My friends are all here on my computer. No one talks about the video. We know the rules. But no one knows what they’re supposed to write in their notebooks. Mr. Sorent handed us special-lesson composition notebooks that he wants us to decorate. We’re supposed to write down diary entries or essays or stories or doodles or anything we’re moved to do after reflecting upon the lesson. My notebook is open but empty, a pen lying in the spine. I’ve tried to write something, but there’s nothing, and I get that afraid-of-the-future feeling again.</p>
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