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Bad USB Cable and poor customer service with ASTAK

I was just wondering if anyone else out there has had a bad USB cable come with there E reader?

I have a 5” Pocket Pro which seems to work ok. Did the firmware upgrade V2.02ASTAK.100320 But when I go to hook it up via the USB cable to my PC it will log on then off then on then off repeatedly.

If I move the USB cable around I can get it to stay logged on longer but this never lasts very long. To see if it was my PC that was the problem I took my e reader and cable over to several friends’ houses and had the same issue on 4 different PC’s and a Mac. So this leads me to conclude the cable is bad. However I can charge the E reader without issue with the wall plug set up.

So I called Astak talked with someone told them my issue and asked if they could send me a replacement cable. The answer I got was that they would call me back. Believing that the squeaky wheel gets the grease I sent them 2 e mails, one directly to the woman I talked to when I order my e reader and another to there customer service e mail. This all was 2 weeks ago and I have yet to receive a call back or any action at all from Astak.

Reading a lot of the posts on this Forum this lack of action didn’t surprise me to much. Disappointed me yes, surprised me no. So has anyone else out there had an issue with the USB cable?
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