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Originally Posted by boswd View Post
the kindle DX the 9 inch screen handle Pdf's well, but the 6inch kindle is pretty much on par with the nook, they are both hit or misses.

If PDF's is a huge priority then I would look at the Kindle DX but actually if you are going to shell out that much you might as well get the iPad which will do your PDF's fantastic and they way they should be.

but a good in between the DX and the Kindle and the Nook is the Sony PRS 900 which is supposed to do PDF very well/

i have a ton of books PDF's on my nook and the novels came out pretty good no complaints but there are some odd doobies thrown in there from time to time. I do find most novels in pdf have come out pretty decent.
thanks for the advise. but the dx is a little over budget for me. so does the sony 900. although i love the sony 900's looks. it is really beautiful! but back to the topic.. i just want a reader lesser than 150.

so for you, reading pdf on the nook hasn't really caused you much of a problem?
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