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New to Calibre: Questions

I have both the Kindle and the Nook. I just found out about Calibre and have been playing with it. Forgive me if these questions have already been asked and answered:

1. Is there anyway to determine if a book is DRM protected before purchasing it? Do not want to purchase it and then find out it cannot be converted.

2. Is there anyway to specify in Calibre library as to which device is holding the book? I would like to keep all of my books from both the Nook and the Kindle on the same library page but I would like to know where to find the book when I want to read it.

3. If I purchase a book from B&N, it is loaded to my Nook. I found out how to add the book from my Nook to Calibre. If I purchased a book from a different source (that does not download directly to the Nook or Kindle), then do I need to download the book to my computer and then add to Calibre? If the book is on Calibre, can I delete it from the document portion of my computer? In other words, if the book is in calibre, does that mean the entire book is there for reading if I wanted to read it on the computer and it does not need to be saved anywhere else?

4. I downloaded a book in PDF and placed it both on the Nook and the Kindle. The font is too small for me to read. The Kindle permits me to increase size by 150%, 200%, etc. but then the page does not fit on the screen and is awkward to read. The Nook permits me to increase font size, but then the formatting is messed up and hard to read. Any suggestions?

Would appreciate any assistance.

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