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Originally Posted by James_Wilde View Post
Another thing about the Mac. When I eject the Story, it reconnects again within about ten seconds. Don't know if anyone else has this problem. You have to be very quick to pull out the usb cable if you don't want to get a comment about the disk not having been ejected properly. This problem doesn't exist on Windows (XP) or Linux (Ubuntu 10-4)
I have posted this alrady someplace else in these forums, but it may be appropriate to repeat here.

I have written a little AppleScript to take care of the reappearing Story volume(s). To use it, open AppleScript Editor (located in /Applications/Utilities/), paste the following code in a new document and save it to Library/Scripts/ in your home directory with an appropriate name like "Unmount STORY". You may need to modify the entries of ListOfVolumeNames to match the volume names of your reader.

To use the script, go to AppleScript Editor's Preferences: General and enable "Show Script menu in menu bar". You see a new "scroll" icon in your menu bar under which your scripts appear. Of course, you can use other means to execute the script, like Quicksilver for example.

	Script for unmounting reappearing eBook reader volumes
	written for mobileread forums, © 2010 ischeriad

set ListOfVolumeNames to {"STORY", "STORY SD"}

tell application "Finder"
	repeat with VolumeName in ListOfVolumeNames
		if (exists the disk VolumeName) then
			set MountPoint to do shell script "diskutil info '" & VolumeName & "' | sed -n 's/.*Mount Point[^/]*//p'"
			do shell script "dot_clean -n '" & MountPoint & "' && diskutil unmount '" & MountPoint & "'"
		end if
	end repeat
end tell
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