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Most people don't know about ebook formats, or even care. They just want to buy books the easy way, and if their book of choice is not available on their chosen device they just read something else or buy a paperback.

It's only geeks like us who are conscious of the format wars when buying reader.

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Losing $15M/quarter on $200M of gross is not sustainable, and I understand the short-term investment required, but ultimately, shareholders will want ROI and that can only happen if the Kobo e-bookstore is successful.
It's only been out three months. Every loss-leading product/ecosystem like this has a slow start. Give it some time to build momentum and exhibit book-buying patterns before writing it off.

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B&N and the Kobo e-bookstores have to offer something that Amazon's store doesn't have - does anyone know what that is?
Demonstration units. You can walk into a Borders or Chapters or B&N (at least some of the time) and acually use an ebook reader. I know in Australia the Kobo has been hugely successful because there are live Kobos in every Borders.

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