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Originally Posted by baronrus View Post
The kindle reader itself aside what the nook and kobo offer over the kindle is a far better and more readily available format. I have the kindle for iphone app and there are at least 4 books that I bought from kindle less than a year ago that are no longer available for sale in canada.

I have repurchased them all for my kobo in epub without issue.
Indeed, the mobi format (while not horrible as a format) is pretty much useless outside of Kindle, but wasn't that Amazon's plan all along? I'm sure Indigo would love to push their own format, but that would only drive people away, and they don't have a choice at this point. B&N is in the same boat and support EPUB as well, but they suck internationally (as does Apple's book selection).

Another e-bookstore has to be viable against Amazon, but at this point, I'm not sure how. To that point, I no longer purchase books from Amazon if they are available at either B&N or Kobo. Maybe others will follow suit? There is a good thread on the Kindle boards here on when (or if) Amazon will support EPUB.
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