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jswolf said:
> But if you do the markup in html, you can have a program
> then convert to whatever format you want.

if _you_ want to use z.m.l. to create .html, and then convert it into something else,
that's totally fine with me. but i have no desire to do all that conversion busy-work.
or apply any markup in the first place. i want to focus on the writing, and that's all.
i want the _machine_ to format it nicely for me, and apply the markup if i need any.

> What does your zml format support that html does not?

z.m.l. doesn't support anything that .html won't do. in fact, it does a whole lot less.
but the things it _does_ do are all the things that are commonly required by books...

my overall perspective is that _formats_ are highly overrated. the _real_magic_ is
in the _applications_, not the format. my focus is on putting the smarts in the apps,
not in the formats. i want to make the format as dirt-simple to create as possible,
and then have the program do all the grunt-work of providing excellent functionality.

remember how openreader was gonna be this magical format that was going to end
david rothmans "tower of ebabel"? it never had an application that implemented it,
so it went nowhere. until you have an application for a format, the format is useless.

so if .html does the job for you, and you don't mind doing .html markup, go for it...

but me, i'm looking for something simpler. even if i have to program the thing myself.

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