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Originally Posted by gastan View Post
After waiting and waiting for the promised devices that NEVER came to market this year, I finally got a Pandigital Novel....
I'll still be looking forward to the new offerings, WHENEVER they appear, but now I can comfortably wait -- even until the 2nd or 3rd generations when the bugs are worked out.
I'm still using my Nokia N800 as a device to do all these things. It actually does a decent job at pretty much everything I throw at it, excepting maybe Flash (although it makes an attempt, at least).

How do you think the Novel would compare to the N800?

I guess the other thing I really like is the N800's size. it fits in my pocket. I've not found anything else that does what it does and fits in a pocket.

I'm with you on waiting for the new offerings. I'm frankly kind of tired of reading about things supposedly coming to market, then never materializing.

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