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I registered just now because I had to say your experience was IDENTICAL to mine. I wonder if you live in Texas - or if not, are you my doppleganger?

Borders had the same kiosk except it wasn't even facing the door. It was facing their register and not at all easy to find. They had to bring out a model unit for me to check out, and while the person that helped me out was really nice and friendly, she watched over me the whole time and wasn't all that helpful.

Then I walked into Barnes and Noble and it was ridiculous how much pomp and circumstance they put behind the Nook. I asked the guy behind that desk if that's all he does and he said yeah. He's the Nook guy. They were pimping those Kate Spade covers too, BIG TIME. And at a big time price.

Anyway, the Nook sucked pretty hard. I hate the LCD screen because it's distracting, and the glossy finish on the case is really distracting too (the glare!). The Kobo was cool but couldn't justify buying it over the Kindle at that price.
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