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Originally Posted by charleski View Post
Very easy, the answer is:
<h3><a id="c0_1" />THE TWINS</h3>
Calibre and Sigil were trying to fix it for you.

An epub's xhtml body can only contain block elements (div, p, blockquote, ul, , h1, etc). Text and anchors must be contained in a block element of some sort. Since your anchor here is merely acting as a target for an external reference, there's no need to wrap it around the text either, it just needs to sit next to it.
Oh, geez, that was easy too

Last question (honestly, it is...I'm down to my last error). I'm getting this error: element 'img' from namespace not allowed in this context.

The code in question (from the source) is

<img alt="Nexus Ascension" class="backcover" src="back_cover.jpg">

The css for class is: img.backcover {width:100px;max-width:40%; margin-top:3em;}

I have another img earlier (using the exact same naming conventions) and it passes okay.
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