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Originally Posted by Toxaris View Post
The second is easy. <br> is not allowed in XHTML. Change it in <br />.

De first is probably a wrong value for id (look at line number) in reference to the nxc or opf file.
I like the easy ones. Fixed the <br> to <br />

The second was that I had 'id' start with a I just changed that. Easy.

I'm still getting problems with H3 and <a> tags. This is what I have:

<a class="Chapter" id="c1_1"><h3>5 DAYS LEFT</H3></a>

After I import it into Calibre, change it to an E-pub, then open it in Sigil, it <h3 class="calibre12" id="calibre_toc_8"><a class="calibre7" id="c1_1">EA</a></h3>

I can see how to change the <a> tag (remove the class, I suppose...change it to a straight div) but what's wrong with the h3 tag?

But it's even weird how I have it <a><h3></h3></a> and calibre turns it into <h3><a></a></h3>
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