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Originally Posted by goliljung View Post
I am a Thai people, please, I want prs-600 can display a Thai I need your help.
I have no idea how to implement Thai, but generally this is how it should work:
1) Search for a font that normally displays your characters (try it in MS Word or any other application).
2) Find that font in Windows directory (typically C:\WINDOWS\Fonts)
example: Georgia
Find the following files
- georgia.ttf (georgia, normal style)
- georgiab.ttf (georgia bold)
- georgiaz.ttf (georgia bold italic)
- georgiai.ttf (georgia italic)

3) Connect your Reader
4) Open reader in Windows (as a drive)
5) if it does not exist, at root directory, create "font" directory (no quotes)
6) copy the font files from C:\WINDOWS\Fonts to "font" directory on reader
7) Use the css as in Evi1d33d's post. Replace "Caecilia" by the name of your font (replace single quotes in script by double quotes, if necessary)
8) Copy the script to clipboard or save to a file
9) Open Calibre
10) Select the book you need to convert to ePub and click "Convert books" button
11)In "Look and Feel" section, find the section "Extra CSS"
12) Paste here the script from clipboard
13) Set font sizes, if necessary
14) Click on OK
15) When finished, transfer the ePub to your reader
16) Enjoy your ebook

If everything works, you can copy/paste the script in Preferences..Conversion...Extra CSS so it will be used for all conversions.

Hope it helps.
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