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Best value for a Kindle sleeve

Hi everyone!

I've got a K3 WiFi on order, and I'm super excited to get it. The near-month wait is killer, but it's part of my plan to read more and waste less time watching TV / mindlessly surfing the internet, so I'm excited. For the time being, I have some real paper (!) books to read.

Anyway, I'm going to want a case for it, but I don't want something where the Kindle will be attached or held in. I'm pretty sure that I'll want to take the Kindle out by itself to read it, and have it in the case for storage/transport.

Obviously, cases for K3 are going to be slim for a while yet, but I wondered based on experience on accessories for other Kindle devices, what would someone recommend as far as a nice price for a sleeve that would have some protection for the device when its inside (and maybe carry the charger, etc), but also is very easy to get the reader out to use it "naked."

Just looking for older models to look at, or at least companies to keep an eye on as they develop their K3 accessories.

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