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I am afraid that I detect a touch of unnecessary paranoia in your post :-). Please don't mind what I say as we all tend to be wary of the Internet, striving to preserve what little privacy that's been left in this unfortunate 21st century.

The main issue that your post hinges on is whether the new Kindle (which I pre-ordered as well) is _really_ the best ebook reader at the lowest price. As someone in the thread mentioned, it is most probably just yet another plasticky gadget with new bells and whistles made with a sole purpose -- to earn money for Amazon. I see nothing wrong in that, I even applaud their well thought out financial planning. I firmly believe that my Sony Touch is much better made and a lot sturdier and better looking than the new Kindle, but still I intend to buy this new thing. Meaning that Amazon have achieved what they wanted --- they made me, just like so many other people, go ahead and buy what I do not actually _need_ but feel that I _may_ feel better if I got it because I _might_ need it.

This last line that I wrote is the essence of good financial "philosophy", in a nutshell, of course.

My suggestion for you: chill out and enjoy reading on your Kindle, that's what it was made for. Another piece of advice, if I may (I am a teacher, thus don't feel offended, please) -- do use "bought" for the past tense of buy, please... :-)

Regards from Nis, Serbia.
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