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Question Kindle - Critical Questions


I just preordered a Kindle 3 right before I registered here.

Dispite all the wonderful and good features from the kindle 3 everyone should know allready, there are some critical Questions about the Amazon Kindle 3 or the Kindle in general.

It seems nobody asks them, so I will do it:

Why amazon selling the best e-reader for the lowest price? backround?

That's not normal and will lead a lot of people to buy this amazon e-reader, including me. Because allmost everyone thinks in a way like: "wow so many goodies in this new kindle e-reader and for that price? OMG - I must have it.."
ALOT of people will have an amazon reader.

Of Course amazon get alot out of selling digital letters (INFORMATION) and we'll also will have alot of nice books and storys. Good Deal for both sides, but what is the real price?

Is Amazon collecting data about the users and sending it via kindle?

I think, they do. Because your e-reader is connected 24/7 with the internet..

Defintive YES, check this out:

Is amazon doing this, to analyze & study the behavior of readers all over the world ? What and when they read ?

The Biggest Player in the Internet - Google - does it, so why not amazon?
Amazon does it allready for years on their platform!
They analyze and collecting data about everything, what registred and not registred users look for and buy, to exactly send you the offer you might want.

Yes, they try to get every information they can from you!

Why amazon can and did delete Ebooks remote on the kindle?
like the ebook "George Orwells - 1984 or animal farm"

Did you hear it? A while ago amazon deleted 2 allready buyd and downloaded ebooks from the kindle without even warning the users.

read here or search for it "Amazon + 1984 + Delete" etc.

Everyone should read the books from george orwell and understand the warnings it sends to every reader.

Is there a way to disable the whispernet or Wi-Fi Connection?
(Normal Way or maybe even some Hacks or other things)

You might not want that they spy on you 24/7, so what will you do about it?

I allready buyd and collected some good ebooks on my pc, so I think I will not buy new books in the next 3 months and I don't want amazon to read or maybe delete my own books on the kindle 3.

Do you think, it will be possible to "jailbreak" the kindle or get some custom firmware on it?

That would be great ()


I know amazon is a great portal, where you can buy allmost any book. It has alot of good sides of course.
But you know, everything has 2 sides, it's Yin & Yang!

I wonder what you think about this aspects.

Check out the awnsers and the thread!

Have a nice weekend!

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