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Originally Posted by Lady Fitzgerald View Post
Rebecca, since you would really only need to use the strap while The Book is in the leather case, why not attach your ring to the leather case? I would suggest sewing and gluing a small fabric or elastic loop with a small metal ring in the loop to your case and attach the strap to the ring. You can find small metal rings at any hobby or arts and crafts supplier such as Jo Ann's or Michaels.

Another viewer complained that the prongs that secure The Book to the case would be subject to metal fatigue failure from repeated bending when removing and replacing The Book in the case. Would it be practical to not use the pins and instead glue or tape (with something tenacious like 3M's 4010 clear mounting tape, available in hardware stores like ACE or possibly craft stores) large pieces of velcro to the case and The Book to secure it?

I loved your crack about indiscriminate drilling and BP!
I think the metal holders are going to suffer metal fatigue- I have to keep readjusting them- I think I fidget too much.

I got 3 lanyard type cords with different clasps at the dollar store- total a dollar and currently am looking for large flat eyes for hooks like those to be sewn on a coat. I am going to epoxy it to the corner of the reader.

It seems pretty sturdy- I have dropped it in the cover from 3 feet up accidentally, and from a foot up without the cover, and it didn't even seem to notice. I may take your suggestions on velcro and other methods of fixing it to the case as well.

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