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Creating eBooks from multiple web pages

Currently I do all my reading on a WM PDA using iSilo. A majority of what I read is ebooks created from multi-chapter content where each chapter is a separate web page. And now I'm looking at probably getting one of the eInk devices soon, and none of them can handle iSilo books.

So, are there any other programs out there that will do what iSilo does? Which is take in 1 or many URLs, include/exclude follow link rules, link follow depth rules and other things - and create a single file out of multiple web pages. While I love, and heavily use, iSilo's regex stuff for determining what links to follow without me having to specify exactly what URLs to pull, I'd settle for a program that was easy to use that required that direct entry.

Any suggestions for ways to create good content for the new ebook readers would be appreciated (format doesn't matter much, just ease of use and quality of reading experience).

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