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Originally Posted by jackie_w View Post
korinian, I use this method all the time and have never had a problem when converting to epub. What format were you converting to? Are you using the latest Calibre?

Also, if you highlight the book and look in the Book Details box at the bottom of the screen you will see "Click to Open" which will take you straight to this book's files in the Calibre Library (don't delete anything). The cover is stored as cover.jpg - does it load OK in your standard image viewer (I use IrfanView)?

If you can't spot anything amiss perhaps you could post the url where you found the image. I'll be happy to try it myself.

I have a Kindle 2 and am using the latest version of Calibre (0.7.12). The book is the feedbooks MOBI version of The Count of Monte Cristo. The image I was trying to Copy/Paste was from

I pulled up the book at the website and copied the image and then Edited the book in Calibre. I Right Clicked and chose the Paste option and the image appears to have worked, but when I click OK the image changes to a "corrupted looking" black box with multi-colored lines through it. The image gets "jacked up" even before I try and do MOBI to MOBI conversion. It happens as soon as I hit the OK button from Editing.

I tried viewing the cover.jpg using the "click to open" option you mentioned and the viewer shows the same "corrupted" image.

Normally, I have to actually copy the image file down to my machine before browsing to it to put it into Calibre. After not being able to do it your way, I tried it the way I had always done it and it worked fine... so the image is OK. I'm hoping there's an easy fix/explanation because the method you mentioned would save me a ton of time.

Thanks for all the help.
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