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Battery life impacted by new firmware, or settable?

I'm new to Android, though not to Linux on PCs. I see rated life at 6 hours on the Pandigital (which is similar to what I see on the Augen "The Book" experiences summarized here.

Has the battery life been impacted by new firmware?

Once apps can be installed, is there any app which allows for running in less responsive and lower power mode (other than the obvious adjusting screen intensity down)? I have turned intensity down, but the mid-July firmware (and that released first week of Aug) have a bug where the screen display intensity is "forgotten" across a suspend or power-down/up cycle. Clicking into "Settings" restores the previously set intensity without activating the control.

Liberal use of standby mode keeps the Novel alive all day without recharge, nice! Especially since it doesn't charge through USB cable.

Tx, Mark

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