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Originally Posted by delphidb96 View Post
Be forewarned... Amazon has made it *IMPOSSIBLE* to deliver these games to more than *ONE* Kindle registered to your account!!! I downloaded a copy - they are free, by the way - and showed it to my mom. When she requested that I get it on *HER* K2, Amazon baulked and informed me to go to 'Manage My Kindle' to have it delivered. *THERE* it specifically stated I couldn't schedule it for delivery!

Wat to go AMAZON!!!!

Interesting - I can't see any Kindle-specific data that restricts the app to just one Kindle. I downloaded the azw2 files to my PC and copied the files over to my Documents folder.

I don't have a second Kindle, but I'd be curious if you could just copy the azw2 file to your second Kindle and see if that works.
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