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Originally Posted by javajoe96 View Post
They are not going out of business anytime soon. Come on, this is not serious topic. While more and more books are being digitized, most people do not want to give up on owning a physical copy, they can hold, share, keep, display, collect or sell. Then there are those who do not shop on the internet or want something right now and not wait for the time it takes to ship. And while that might not make up the people on this group, it is a large segment of the population.
I agree with this. On this forum it sure seems like everyone wants only digital books, but I don't think it holds true with most people out there. My main purpose of buying an ereader is to check out library books, and dowload as many free books as possible. If I see a super cheap digital ebook that interests me, then I'll probably buy it. Otherwise, if I need to buy a book it's going to be a p-book not digital. I love p-books, and I suspect that a lot of people are like me. I have no plans to be totally digital or totally paper.

I don't see B&N going out of business any time soon. Every time I go to there store(2 different locations) they're always busy.
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