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Some images don't display on pdf in iTunes/iPad/iPhone

Hi all,

I've been crawling the web for 2 hours but I can't find any help with a very strange problem which I seem to be the only one in the world to have :-(

My iPad can read most pdf fine (comics scans, text & image mix, full text...) but on some pdf files several images are missing. The rest is displayed correctly
- iTunes seems to have the same problem since images on the cover are not displayed correctly. The popular tool Calibre has the same problem.
- it does not seem to be a matter of pdf reader, i've tried them all (stanza, cloudreader, ibooks, bookstand...)
- it does not seem to be my computer, I've tried on another one, same problem.
- I doubt it is linked to the iPad since Calibre or iTunes have the same problem displaying images, plus it's the same problem on my iphone
- It doesn't seem to be a matter of size (it never is anyway...), 10 pages & 300k seems manageable.
- BUT the pdf is displayed fine in adobe pdf reader !!!
- Interestingly the images that can't be displayed also can't be extracted by tools such as pdftohtml.exe

I've tried everything, change the pdf version (upgrade / downgrade), split the file, conversion to epub is a opinion is that there's something with the pdf file (which is a short summary of 10 documentaries btw)

Here is the file, it's not that I absolutly need it, I just can't understand what's it happened on some other files :-(

If anyone has an idea ?
Thanks in advance.

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