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How to get the maximum image size on a DX?


I have some american comics I want to read on my kindle DX. The problem is, the comics are bigger in real life than the DX screen, so letters look very small. I've been doing some testing and this is what I've got:

- If I convert the images into a pdf, the size is not good, because kindle manages pdf in such a way that a lot of screen in the sides of the document are empty or with the information bar that counts the pages or whatever. Not nice.

- If I convert the images using Mangle for DX, and then put the images on my kindle, and use fullscreen, the result is a little bigger, but still, there is a little room left, the images could look a little bigger (and when reading comics, every milimeter counts!).

Is there a way to see images that occupy the 100% of the screen, no info bars or empty spaces? I hope mangle dx had more functions, for example setting a custom level of zoom and that zoom to be applied to all the images you are currently browsing.
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