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How Calibre's Email-to-Device Works and Why Does know about it?

After I set up my "to" email address to my Kindle and my "from" address to my existing address I used Calibre to upload some CNN daily newspapers to my device. It worked perfectly in both the 3G and USB configuration. Presumably if you don't have your device hooked up by USB then Calibre automatically sends thru Whispernet.

Here's what's strange: AMAZON actually charged my account for the three uploads, two of which were via USB through what I consider a third party (Calibre) and one was wireless, again sent by third party. AMAZON won't answer my question as to why they KNOW what was uploaded and when to my Kindle2.

What, does the K2 send out some kind of distress signal to AMAZON? Has anyone else had this happen? It's just a few bucks over time but can add up. They also knew I'd uploaded a book, again thru Calibre, and they credited me for that and didn't explain the Big Brother thing either. Maybe someone can clue me in

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