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Madness, Revenge, Betrayal--Now Available in The Garden

My book, The Garden, is now available through Smashwords.

The quick summary . . .

William Charles has crafted an eerie, uncomfortable tale of abuse and revenge. As Isobel Watson searches for answers to why her husband, Robert, took his own life, she finds his journal detailing a descent into madness brought on by a recurring dream. In this dream, Robert sees himself tossing the final shovelful of dirt over the body of a small child. Something about the dream feels too real--the smell of the dirt, the warmth of the sun, the fingers of the dead girl's hand. Robert becomes convinced the dream is a memory and sets out to find the truth. But, nothing in The Garden is as straightforward as it seems and as Robert peels away layer after layer of memory, the truth becomes all the more illusive and horrifying.

I hope you enjoy it.
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