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Went to B&N today to check out Nook...

Today during lunch I visited the local B&N and played with the Nook. The guy demoing it to me was knowledgeable about it, but I could tell his knowledge was from the B&N marketing department and not from his own experiences. He couldn't give any info on checking out books, using Calibre or ADE, or anything outside the services B&N offers.

In his demo I asked him to look up To Kill A Mockingbird, which was purely off the cuff, and it wasn't in the B&N store to be bought. I thought this odd, but looking at Amazon it's not there either. Such a classic book but not on B&N or Amazon... not good for students wanting to use an eReader since this is required reading in our local schools.

At any rate, the nook was impressive, but the keyboard was sluggish. As the rep was typing there was sometimes a 1 or more second delay between his typing and what came-up on the screen. Also the highlighting feature was very cumbersome.

One of the big selling points for me for getting a nook would be the lending, though I'm trying to see how much I'd actually use it since I rarely read a book in 14 days or less. Also ePub files are nice, but if I ran with a Kindle it's not too difficult to convert ePub to PDF or another format in Calibre from what I've read.

Oh humm.. I've been researching nook vs Kindle for over a week now and still am not sure.

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