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Originally Posted by eLiNK View Post
how's the performance of the firmware in comparison to the Kindle's firmware?
Do I understand correctly the DXG is not supported yet?
Yes. DXG is not supported yet. But the duokan team promised that they will support DXG soon. They have a good track record of keeping promises.

For the performance, it depends on your reading habits.

If you only buy ebooks from the Kindle store, duokan firmware is useless. It only supports mobi files to a limited degree. Most formats for the fonts are lost.

If you read a lot of PDF files, duokan firmware will be miles better than the official one. You'll have re-flow, better zooms, darker fonts, table of contents, a workable reading function 2-column layout...

The duokan firmare is less stable, but it's gradually improving through its weekly updates. The machine reboots by itself occassionally, but it's still acceptable.
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