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Wet Coast, not outright defending Kobo here, but what they stated was correct, it was avaliable on Smartphones. Its just that the smartphone is a blackberry (i.e. a smart phone not a toy like the iphone ). BT Transfers are possible, you just have to have a Blackberry model no #### Also before you start bitching about Kobo not bringing this to the app, you might want to look into Apple's closed market, and their rules and regulations for file transfers using Bluetooth (Apple never used to allow apps like that in the market place). Maybe they are having to save up their $$$ to bribe Steve Jobs.

Did you ever ask what phones were compatible? I have an E71 (a dumbphone but it has apps and bluetooth) and I NEVER expected Kobo to make it compabile with the ereader transfer system.

Personally with the way Bluetooth works, I would never want to do a transfer with it (BTW I have tried file transfers with it, not pleasent), and from what I've experiences Apple's bluetooth is flakier than my nokia's so I dunno if I would be trusting it.
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