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Perhaps my post was not clear, "I preordered my Kobo after e-mailing Kobo to confirm the BT feature was indeed, available on smartphones (I have an iPhone)." I carefully researched my purchase, even contacting Kobo to confirm that BT transfers were possible. Our household owns a Kindle, so e-reading is not a first time thing for me. At no time did Kobo tell me that BT transfers were only possible using a limited number of Blackberry models. The BT feature is attractive because I do not own a laptop and cannot use "20 feet" of usb in an airport, or anywhere else outside of my home. When a product promises a feature and customer support confirms the inclusion of the feature to the cunsumer, then the consumer should receive the feature. My mistake was being one of the first to own a Kobo and not waiting for constructive reviews posted on e-reader forums such as Mobile Read.
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