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Unhappy Converting from MS Word format

I seem to be having conversion problems, but only when the original is in Word format. When I click the VIEW button, the book opens up in MS Word properly. When I click CONVERT BOOKS (single .DOC format document) I get the message "could not convert 1 of 1 books, because no suitable source format was found."

In some cases, I can open the book in Word, do a save-as in .pdf format, then Calibre will recognize the pdf and let me convert it (in my case to EPUB format)... but sometimes the pdf will not read in Adobe Reader. And sometimes it tells me it can't convert because the original (pdf) is DRM'd (and there is NO DRM on the original. And sometimes it converts the pdf to EPUB exxxtttreeemly slowly (as in 45 minutes) and the result looks like someone took a camera and made images of each page.

Usually, if I futz with it long enough, I can get it into a format that will EPUB properly, but in some cases it takes 20 minutes or more.

Since I have 75+ of these, it sure would be great if someone knows what I am doing wrong, or what is wrong with the MS Word reader.
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