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Thanks for the replies, folks. As far as 'all mp3 players sound alike" well, you couldn't be more wrong. That's more accurately stated from personal perspectives like "I can't hear a difference myself" or something similar because I can hear a difference and it does matter to me.

I've never used playlists, I consider them irrelevant. I put the music on the device and hit Random/Shuffle/Repeat and just let it go...

It wasn't my intention to get a Nook just for audio, that would be silly. I just wanted to make sure that if the potential is there that it's actually useful. In the long run I'll just have to buy one and do some testing and see what's up, it's the only way.

I've been reading "eBooks" on devices since the early 1980s so, this stuff has been a very very long time coming I suppose.

I'll try to get to B&N this week and get a hands on for a bit to make the decision. I do like the redesign of the Kindle coming later this month but, no ePub support is a deal killer and I won't support Amazon in that respect. It's Nook or nothing at this point...

(I wonder what B&N has coming in the next few weeks as I suspect they're going to announce a new Nook between right now and August 27th...)

Thanks for the information...
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