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How to tell if it's a Topaz, in advance?

Greetings. Newbie here.

I just bought a novel from Amazon via Kindle for PC. It's an .azw file (with an accompanying .mbp file, which means nothing to me). I added it to Calibre, and then tried to convert it to epub. It failed, and the error details indicated that it was a Topaz format item and couldn't be converted.

I had read earlier about the Topaz issue, but how could I have known before I bought the ebook that it was one of those? Do I have to download the sample first?

(I could have bought the same title as an epub, but the Kindle version was cheaper. False economy, as it turns out!)

I have read that there is a non-Calibre two-step process for converting Topaz to epub, but it sounds way more complicated than I can deal with.

Guess I'll be downloading the Kindle app so that I can at least read this one on my Touch. (I've previously just used Stanza on that.)

Thanks for any advice.
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