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Sony has lost me not just on the hardware but on the relative inconvenience of buying books through their hard to navigate and limited offerings bookstore. Unlike many who have the PRS-900 for it's PDF and note taking capabilities, I just want to easily buy and read books in a comfortable fashion. With the 900 the buying experience is frustrating, the software is lame (yes I use Calibre instead for side-loading), and the sub-par touchscreen contrast becomes the deal-breaker for me. It's my fault for buying a reader that was inappropriate for my needs, but Sony has to improve on all facets of its ereader offerings to truly be competitive and win over the average consumer. Offering something that might have higher build quality at a slightly higher price doesn't win consumers unless the overall experience is easy and effective.

There will always be a niche market that buys Sony because they do offer some features that are attractive to some users. These are not appealing to the mass market (in the U.S. anyway) and won't change anyone's mind unless they already know that they need those features.

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