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Originally Posted by smallhagrid View Post
I see this also listed on ebay and it tempts me just for curiosity's sake - but I find the notion of being quite so format-limited kinda scary. (ONLY .RB

Do you have any of the super-duper software to make things easier ?
Perhaps a smartmedia card to go with it (does anyone even sell those anymore ?).

I am really happy with my Jetbook but after a year it is getting worn out and I want better PDF support - BUT - I would offer $20 for this, shipped USPS/cheapest with $20 insurance just so they will make sure to deliver it whole...not to be insulting or anything !
(A new Jetbook can be had for a mere $89 + freeship these days...and cheap Android devices are going to take over the world !)
Sure, let's talk about your offer, that's great...send me a PM and I'll give you my email. I did find one software CD for it after looking a bit. It's been awhile since I have used it regularly. I know what you mean, devices are just getting cheaper. I guess I'm just too frugal I can't bear to throw it away, LOL!
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