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Device: 4FFF N618
New device support?

Since a few days I own a 4FFF N618. Although it has been sold as the "Promedia ebook reader" in the Netherlands.

Now I discovered OpenInkpot, so I was wondering: is it possible to get this to work on my recently bought ereader?

It is not yet listed in the hardware list as far I have seen, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is not going to work, right

Ok, a little about the hardware of the 4FFF N618 as far as I know:
-Sipix screen (16 grades of gray)
-Samsung 2416 ARM9 400Mhz processor
-128MB RAM
-3,5mm JACK
-MicroSDHC card reader
-MicroUSB connector
-2GB internal memory (800MB free for user)

So, the question is: will it work? And if it is not working at this moment, is it hard to make it work? I do not know how OpenInkpot is build (except that I know it is linux based). The current firmware of the N618 is also linux based... Do you need more information? I am using Linux, so if I have to try a few commands or whatever, just let me know. I am not experienced in alternative firmware, but I will try what I can do

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