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Boris began at the beginning.
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* What kind of device do you read the technical e-books on?
Either my tablet PC or more recently an Illiad

* What original formats do you use, and how do you prepare/convert them?
In the main PDFs. So far I've left them in the original format

* Are you happy with your solution? What would be better?
The tablet PC is a good size, backlit and of course full colour. It has a maximum 2 hours battery life which is poor, it occasionally runs Vista, it takes an age to boot, gets hot and isn't easy to read for long periods. It's my preferred reading method at home due to the search function and multiple windows.
The Illiad is not a bad size, fine for the text documents, needs some zooming for the technical diagrams and data tables. The battery life is great for work (ok it needs a charge every other day) I leave it turned on for quick access. Needs a search function to allow for quickly finding relevent data in a hurry

* Does your solution require perfect eyesight?
Not really, just the occasional use of zoom

* Have you given up and decided to read the paper versions for now?
Nope. The digital copies are automatically updated and carrying all my documents would need a small van and not the travel bag I use at the moment.
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