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First HelloWorld tutorial, a n00b primer First Hello World Tutorial, a n00b primer

(cross posted from iRex forum)
NOTE: this is just and intro. For more please refere to Adam's posts or other threads.

You need a linux distro, a usb key, the shell account actived and the dropbear or a shell on iliad.
Download the last toolchain: .
Uncompress it and move to the directory /oe-sdk-20070607085328/usr/local/arm/oe/bin . Then open a Terminal and type:
core2duo bin # echo '#include <stdio.h>
int main(){ printf("Hello World\n"); }
' | ./arm-linux-gcc -x c -o hello -
Note this is just a printf, compiled with a pipe. You can as well make a .c file with the code and compile from that file. (./arm-linux-gcc -o hello hello.c)
The copy hello to your usb key, start your iLiad with usb key inserted, login with ssh, cd to /mnt/usb and run ./hello. This should be print "Hello World"
And that's all folks.
Regards, Gil
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