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Kudos to kobo (and Chapters)

I bought my kobo on July 8 and have been enjoying problem free reading since then. Fast forward to yesterday. I pull out my kobo only to discover that the screen is all messed up. It looks like e-ink has been smeared on the lower right quarter of the screen and it will not boot up. I plug it in and charge it up til the blue light comes on. Still nothing. I paper clip it. Still nothing. I menu-dpad-paperclip it. Nothing.

So I decide to take it to the nearest Chapters to see if they can SDcard flash it. Keep in mind that I am now on holidays 2000 miles from where I bought my kobo. The guy at chapters takes one look at my kobo and says that flashing it won't work. Great, I think, here comes the month long repair ordeal. But the guy says he will replace it right then and there. I had no box and no receipt, but Chapters replaced it on site anyway.

Top notch customer service. I'm very impressed with both kobo and Chapters.
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